ACCESS MOBILE is a one stop mobile phone and accessories authorised dealer. The company was established in 2009 with over 20 retail at various major shopping centres in the heart of Klang Valley. With full support and trust from the top brands of mobile phones, we are recognised as the Authorised Dealer for HUAWEI, HONOR, VIVO, OPPO, SAMSUNG, APPLE and NOKIA in Malaysia. We posses wealthy experience in managing and operating mobile phone business model. We welcome those who are interested in developing and investing mobile phone industry to join us and together we build a stronger platform to boost the sales of mobile phones.

ACCESS MOBILE 是一家专门代理手机各大品牌, 手机配件一站式手机品牌授权经销商。ACCESS MOBILE 成立于2009年, 在马来西亚雪隆区各大商业广场有超过20家手机品牌授权零售店,我们得到各大手机品牌厂家支持和信任目前是马来西亚HUAWEI, HONOR, VIVO, OPPO, SAMSUNG, NOKIA, APPLE授权经销商。 在手机市场有超过10年的管理经验,管理系统,商业模式, 手机市场营销模式, 欢迎有兴趣开发手机行业经营者和投资者加入我们 一起来打造未来手机连锁销售发展平台.

ACCESS MOBILE is a professional one stop mobile phone retailer. We provide services including online retail, repair and network service, installment plan, mobile phone insurance, mobile rental, trade in program and after sales services. Besides that, we also offer wide varieties of phone accessories and Al products. We provide quality service to ensure high customer satisfaction.

In addition, we offer great opportunity to start and rent a mobile phone retail outlet, kiosk or office. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to make contact with us!

ACCESS MOBILE 提供一站式专业手机零售,网上手机平台销售,维修手机服务, 网络开线服务 ,手机分期付款,手机保险,手机出租,回收旧手机, 各大品牌原厂手机配件, AI智能家居产品和网络系统,提供售后服务 一对一的手机培训功能, 保证顾客买的开心用的安心,我们也有提供手机店铺,手机档口和办公室出租有兴趣者请联络我们。

  1. We are a reliable company with outstanding sales achievements.
  2. To be a trustworthy dealer, we emphasise and ensure customer satisfaction and buying experience by reviewing and make improvements on customer service methodologies in order to provide five stars services to our customers.
  3. To ensure capital appreciation and high returns for the investors. To help others to succeed and achieve a win-win situation by sharing our knowledge and experience in operating mobile phone business.
  4. To provide a healthy and favourable working environment to enhance career development among the employees while ensuring all the employees are able to make good use of their potential and talents. Creating an outstanding retail industry successor
  5. To build an one-stop solution platform for mobile phone, becoming the most influential Company in the mobile phone industry, ACCESS Mobile to be the first that come out of their mind when people think about mobile phone
  1. 我们是一家愿意承担责任的企业,我们是一家在销售上卓有成就的企业
  2. 保证顾客买的开心用的安心,我们努力为您提供更好的服务以顾客为尊 ,我们会努力改变与进步,让您和您的家人们值得信赖的一站式手机零售店
  3. 为投资者实现持续的资本增值回报。 简单,合作,共赢,发展,我们能够无私分享手机零售经营模式 ,能帮助更多开发手机零售行业者踏上成功之路
  4. 为员工营造良好的职业发展空间, 使命感能产生凝聚力,激励员工释放潜能,成为一个出色的零售行业成功者
  5. 成立一站式的手机平台,打造大马最具影响力的手机企业,让大马人民只要想到任何手机服务,便想到ACCESS MOBILE

Our Vision And Aspiration

  1. Create the best integrated mobile phone chain store in Malaysia.
  2. Becoming the largest mobile phone authorised dealer in Malaysia is one of our vision to be accomplished in the upcoming five years.
  3. Our ultimate goal is to become the largest mobile phone dealer in Asia.


  1. 创建大马一流的综合手机品牌连锁销售店
  2. 我们将在五年的设想和规划是全马最大的手机品牌授权连锁销售商
  3. 我们的目标成为全亚洲最大手机品牌代理商

Our Core Values

  1. Innovating a better future
  2. Overcome obstacles with passion
  3. Integrity and reliability
  4. Dedication to others


  1. 创新开拓未来
  2. 激情战胜艰险
  3. 诚信立足天下
  4. 和谐奉献社会